Exclusive: Anonymous Message to Donald Trump Part (1/2)


Anonymous Message to Donald Trump

Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

Message to Donald Trump.

Anonymous represents the people, the same people who elected you to be their President and expect you to make many positive changes and deliver everything that you have promised to them.

Like many other Presidents before you, they all had their own opportunity to show empathy and genuine care for their fellow citizens and to be remembered and respected. Most have bowed down to the wealthy, the powerful, the corrupt, big corporations and the Elite above. Therefore, we wonder, What will you do during your term? You have spoken about many issues during your election campaign but we are here to tell you that there are more things to worry about then building a wall!

So what are you going to really do for the American people Donald Trump? Because right now, you should see yourself as the apprentice and learn from the mistakes of those before you. Will you protect the American people, protect their food, protect their security, their health, education, their human rights, their privacy, or are you just going to be like many others who could have made a great name for themselves.

Remember, your actions will show the people who you truly are deep down, and Anonymous will be only to eager to keep on the watch and expose anything we feel the people should be aware of.

We do however, have requests for you, Donald Trump. We wish for you to encourage all countries to end these wars, stop the killing of young children and innocent people. Enough is enough. This isn’t a game and there are no winners. May you protect the citizens water, food and health, and make education affordable and ease the strain on day to day living expenses and allow the people to protest what they feel you are not paying attention too.

All in due time, Donald Trump. You are not only in a position to make America great again, but you also have the possibility of making yourself great by what you do over the next 4 years and be remembered and respected for generations to come, only you have the power to choose your own destiny.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

Anonymous Message to Donald Trump

Video Transcript of Part 1:

Message to Donald Trump and our world leaders. How many more Wars? How many more people have to die? Enough is enough, these strategic war games need to cease this isn’t a game and there are no winners your proxy wars are over and this now.. if you fail to hear this message of third world war is inevitable millions will die and every single one of their deaths will be by your incompetent as so-called leaders.

This is a call to every peace seeker to every value of truth and honesty to every being of unity and progress. You are the ones that must stand together and rise in the face of conflict. We can stand united and show that we will not allow ourselves to be used as pawns in a never-ending game of lies and adversity the future of the species relies on the choices.

We make right now the outcome of our actions will have a lasting impact on generations to come do not come to regret the future you created for your children and their children, this is your opportunity to make a difference and put piece above self-interests to changing redesign the status or this is your chance to create something truly magnificent.

We are Anonymous!

We are Legion!

We do not Forgive!

We do not forget!

Expect us!


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