Cyber ​​attacks must add up to R $ 6.5 trillion in losses to companies by 2019


More and more recurring, cyber attacks are generating losses that only grow every year. According to a study by the Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Cyber Handbook (MMC), this type of inves- tigation against companies is expected to result in losses of about $ 2.1 trillion (R $ 6.5 trillion) Across the world by 2019. This considerably high figure expected for the next three years is almost four times greater than the setbacks suffered by the segment in 2015.

According to MMC data, the issue is so worrying and seen as an area of extreme importance to companies that hiring insurance to protect against cyber attacks already totals more than $ 2 billion and Can reach $ 20 billion still in 2025. Although the US continues to be the largest cybersecurity market, with 20 percent of all organizations subscribing to this type of product, it is not as if companies Brazil did not need this support, please see the recent case of XP Investimentos .

It is not only the end user who needs to protect their data

It is not only the end user who needs to protect their data

With the rise of hacking attacks on corporate systems, some sectors of the economy have been more exposed to cyberattacks in recent times. The basis of Marsh’s cybernetic risk portfolio indicates that manufacturing, communication, media and technology industries tend to be more targeted and thus lead the way in contracting insurance, with respectively 63% and 41% of policies . Check below which are the categories that most resort to this protection currently:

  • 1) Manufacturing: 63%
  • 2) Communication, Media and Technology: 41%
  • 3) Education: 37%
  • 4) Wholesale and Retail: 30%
  • 5) Financial institutions: 28%
  • 6) Energy: 28%
  • 7) Industries: 27%
  • 8) Hospitality and Games: 15%
  • 9) Services: 13%
  • 10) Health: 6%

Calculated risk

With annual losses of $ 445 billion globally, it is not surprising that an increasing percentage of businesses are aware that cybercrime and cyberattacks need to be Minimized in some way. Among the measures suggested in the MMC study to reverse this scenario are items such as analyzing and pre-quantifying attack risks and, of course, having companies work with their employees to avoid the use of social engineering.

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