Facebook Ads Will Be Insanely Expensive in 2017


As far as I know, Facebook advertising works somewhat like an auction. So you probably have too much competition for the same audience. Try to narrow it down by make it more specific. Try local first, for instance and experiment with that. After a while you’ll know what works and you can start working with ‘alike’ audiences (a new target audience which is similar to the audience that already engaged with your content) in other places.

Facebook Ads Will Insanely Expensive
Facebook Ads Will Insanely Expensive
This is what is get?
Since the starting of 2016, Facebook made advertisement hard for everyone, who’s been earning great revenue from Google Adsense. So don’t expect you’ll be getting more traffic and reach with low budget in 2017.
What are the Alternative to Facebook Ads?
  • Maxbounty
  • Taboola
  • media. net
  • reddit.com
  • adfly.com

etc.. If you think we missed few sites you can comment below.


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