Hacker Reveals Phone Hacking Company Cellebrite Sales to Kremlin


The organization that offers computerized crime scene investigation and portable hacking apparatuses to others has itself been hacked.

Israeli firm Cellebrite, the mainstream organization that gives advanced crime scene investigation apparatuses and programming to help law requirement get to cell phones in examinations, has had 900 GB of its information stolen by an anonymous hacker.

The Hacker has not yet openly released anything from the stolen information documents, which includes a lot information about clients data, clients databases, and a huge amount of technical information regarding there hacking tools and products.

However, the hacker reached to Joseph Cox, Contributor at Motherboard, who has been in contact with hacker, and received a copy of hacked information. Hacker is looking for the opportunities to sell access to Cellebrite system and stolen information on selected IRC chat rooms.

The stolen 900 GB information includes login information such as, Usernames and Passwords of Cellebrite customers.

Not just login information it contains “” as include that the company has sold there hacking tools to such countries, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Russia.. and more.

What you need to know about Cellebrite?


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