Hackers attempted to steal $78 million but ended up getting away with $31 million.


Russia said it has thwarted a plot by outside spies to hack the nation’s banks days before the assault should happen.

The Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB, said in an announcement Friday that the cyberattack by “outside knowledge administrations” was planned for Dec.5 and intended to destabilize Russia’s Banking framework.

The FSB didn’t state which nation it believed was behind the arrangement. It said the hackers were planning to utilize servers claimed by a Ukrainian organization called BlazingFast and situated in the Netherlands.

BlazingFast leases server space. Organization executive Anton Onoprichuk said he didn’t have any data about the arranged assault.

He said the FSB has not reached the organization.

The Dutch service of Security and Justice said the Netherlands knows that its foundation could be utilized for cyberattacks somewhere else as a part of the world.

“On the off chance that there a cyberattack occurs on Monday, than it is up to the Russian powers to choose whether to begin an examination. … On the off chance that wanted, they can approach the Dutch exploring powers for help,” the service said in an announcement.

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The FSB said the aggressors were likewise wanting to spread fake news about Russian banks, sending mass instant messages and distributing stories via web-based networking media scrutinizing their monetary strength and licenses to work.

Such activities could have brought on a keep running on banks, which could push even a sound organization to the edge of total collapse, it included.

Maria Voronova, a data security master at InfoWatch, said cyberattacks on Russian banks happen routinely.

“As of late the objective of the assailants has moved from customers to the banks themselves,” she said.

A few noteworthy Russian banks, including Sberbank, endured a refusal of administration assault a month ago, as per Russian state news organization Ria.

The FSB said the assailants were likewise wanting to hit a few Russian urban areas.

BlazingFast Reaction to FSB 

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